Malachi Jaggers Electronic Press Kit

Electronic Press Kit

Malachi Jaggers is putting his own Americana twist on country music that is resonating with fans everywhere. With multiple singles and a debut EP under his belt, Malachi has worked with Grammy-nominated producers, played alongside several notable musicians, was up for consideration on the Grammy ballot for two singles in 2022, received prominent video placement on Ditty TV for his release An American Hero, and received national and international airplay in the U.K. and Ireland.

With a compelling stage presence, Malachi encapsulates some of his musical experience of playing the guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums and harmonica at his shows. He has performed at the iconic Bluebird Café in Nashville and regularly performs at venues including intimate coffeehouses, and concert halls as well as playing for thousands of fans at fairs and festivals across the country as he continues his journey. Malachi creates music that is authentic and vulnerable, which creates a truly unique sound that draws fans from everywhere.

With musical influences including The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Vince Gill, Keith Urban, and more, Malachi perfectly blends a nostalgic feel with a modern-day vibe. He is clearly becoming the next Americana artist to watch.

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What People Are Saying

Outstanding experience

We booked Malachi for our private event and were so happy we did. Incredibly professional and accommodating in addition to just being plain talented. Loved his diversity of song choices and kept our guests entertained. Made the evening as special as we’d hoped. We are fans now and would highly recommend.

Cyndi Garnett
Garnett Family

A great hit at our Winery!!

We do a variety of events at the winery and this year we got the pleasure to have Malachi perform twice for us. He is not only a great singer /songwriter, but very professional and charismatic. Our guests really enjoy his performances. I got many compliments on getting such a talented musician to perform at our winery. We are looking forward to having him again next season.

Adrianna Montanez


I love his music, he’s a fantastic guitar player and singer. Plays all the great 70’s and 80’s easy listening tunes I love so much. He has a wonderful mixture of original music and songs.
Never get tired of listening to him and he is an amazing fellow as well.

David McClane

Malachi is a winner!!

Saw you last night at Hollie’s Farm Social at Arbuckle Creek Farms in Avon Park. You are amazing. Your music, your attitude, your comments…and your wife …were all great. Everyone there commended you for such a great night. Bought your CD, and want more.
Hope to see you, again, soon.



Malachi’s music is very uplifting. He does such a wonderful job. He is one of the kindest person I have ever met. Does everything to please people. He can sing anything and make it sound GREAT! One time my great grandson and I was at one of Malachi’s singing and Malachi actually came over and sat beside Tyler and Tyler was trying to sing with him. It was so wonderful. Like I said Malachi does things to please his audience’s. Thank you Malachi for being so thoughtful and kind. And thank you for your GREAT music!! I look forward to you coming back to Indiana!

Diana Jackson

Malachi is one of the

Malachi is one of the BEST! So enjoyable to listen to, his talents overflow into the crowd he is playing for. We were hooked the first time we heard him play. You will not be disappointed when you hear him in person or from his recordings. This past year we have become “Groupies” and will follow him across the country to hear him in person.

Cheryl Oliver

He’s soooo

Great! We just love to listen to Malachi. He does an awesome Night’s in White Satin, And a really mean Freebird. Love to hear him sing Beatles songs. He includes the crowd on a few of his songs too. He is very down to earth and kind. He’s not only a great singer but a great song writer also.
We try our best to follow him around Indiana and Florida. I tell everyone I know about Malachi. If you haven’t heard him yet, make a point to go to one of his performances, you won’t be sorry.

Sally Heishman

Blown Away!

We were invited to come listen to Malachi by good friends, and we are so glad we did! We were blown away not only by his beautiful voice and great guitar playing but also the range of music that he performed. We were so drawn in by his fantastic performance! We got the opportunity to meet him afterward and were so touched by his warm personality. We are now official Malachi Jaggers groupies (I have the T-shirt)!

Beth Copley

Great Entertainer

I have hired Malachi for a couple of shows for fundraising events. He never disappoints. He brings fun, happy, feel good energy and sound, on stage. He interacts with the audience and gets them excited. You can really tell that he loves what he does. His music is from the heart and comes from his experiences and his life. He is a truly talented musician and live performer. I always look foward to seeing him perform!
Great sound
Great music
Great performances
Easy to hire and work with.

Christian Smith

Performing on the deck at the Lilly Pad

We ride the train. Malachi performs on the deck that overlooks Lake Manitou in Indiana. He will play this year on three occasions. Everyone loves this most talented musician. When you meet him you’ll love him. He is up and coming entertainer. I would highly recommend you to add him to your schedule.

Keitha kunkle
Lilly Pad Boutique

Heading South

Leaving Indiana(“sweet home indiana”) on Feb 9 traveling to Florida to meet up with some very good Manitou Lake, Pontoon Riders and Salted Carmel Whisky friends Greg and Jackie. Malachi your music is the driving force for this trip. All you Fla Jaggers fans get ready for the Iniana invasion. Malachi Jaggers can’t wait to hear you. 2 months is too long.He is the greatest intertainer.

Phil Oliver


Malachi draws you in! He’s a very gifted performer and loves what he’s doing! Go see him, you won’t be disappointed!

Peterson Nora

Awesome music! Always look forward

Awesome music! Always look forward to seeing him.

Kimberlie Landis

We’ve really enjoyed listening to

We’ve really enjoyed listening to Malachi’s music. He sings something for everyone. Very entertaining!

Angie Minglin

Gifted Entertainer and Friend

Jackie and I met Malachi & his wife Lea, on the Shores of Lake Manitou, May 2023. While pontooning with several of our friends, we heard a very pleasing music, coming from the south channels of Lake Manitou. Not knowing if it was someone listening to their stereo or what, we followed the sound, and came up to a private party featuring Malachi Jaggers, singing soloist with guitar instead. We were invited from the on land group, to “tie up”, and join in on listening. We were hooked immediately. We all met and introduced ourselves, to both Malachi and Lea after their performance, and the rest is history. We became “Malachi Groupies” that evening, and have been following them from around the Delphi, IN area, to the surroundings of Sebring, FL this Winter. You will not be disappointed in following them and embracing them also. With excellent voice and guitar playing, with many, many original songs, (also ones he’s wrote) that will get you singing and dancing, and coming back for more. Genuine, God loving, and a heart for music. They’ve become great friends since that evening, and we both (all) appreciate and Love them dearly.

Greg & Jackie Agnew

Gifted Artist

I have been jamming all week to Malachi Jaggers’ Fearless EP. I have loved it since I first heard it many months ago. But for some reason, I could not stop listening to it this whole past week. When I listen to Town After Town, I always say out loud, “This is a perfect song!” The lyrics, the tone, the instruments, the performance, the blend, Malachi’s voice, it all just comes together so perfectly. Then, I found out that Malachi has two other songs up for Grammy consideration: An American Hero and What are You Waiting For? Both are beautiful. Malachi is such a gifted artist whose work blesses, inspires, heals, moves so many. THANK YOU for sharing your gifts, Malachi!

Sheila Wilimitus

Love His Music

Love his music and his playing and voice.

John Richard Bart

Heart Of Gold

Has a heart of gold and great voice! Love his singing.

Julie Van Cleve

Smooth And Enjoyable

I really enjoyed the new album, “Fearless.” Malachi’s new take on the Americana genre is smooth and enjoyable – perfect to listen on a warm summer evening with a nice glass of tea.

Miriam Robeson


Malachi’s music is fun, uplifting, Americana in a lovely way.

Christa Upton


I listened to this album almost nonstop, in my car, for about three weeks. I have nitpicked it to death and I cannot find flaws of any kind. The lyrics are exceptionally well written. The melodies are the perfect compliment to the lyrics and the arrangements are matched by the musicianship. Absolutely perfect mix and production. Period. The songs are reminiscent of the Eagles, Tom Petty, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Seals & Crofts and even Rick Springfield- all while maintaining a unique and original sound. The only thing I do not get about Malachi Jaggers is why he isn’t a signed to a major label and selling tons of records. I can hear it- plain as day. Perfect record.

Harry Havery

Beautiful Music

This is such a wonderful album! It is full of music that soars and warms your heart. I love all the songs, but Town After Town is my favourite. Malachi is a talented musician and song writer.

Sallyann MacDonald


I absolutely love this song! I love all of Malachi’s Music. I give them as gifts too. Everybody loves to listen to them. His Music is timeless. ❤️

Lori Ferguson

Beautiful Voice

I got mine yesterday and I couldn’t wait to finish work so I could listen to it. As always, Malachi’s beautiful voice and creative skill are awesome. I can’t wait until the next one comes out.

Jean Hollowell

Amazing CD

I love Malachi’s music because I know it comes from his soul. This CD is amazing and you will be so happy you bought it! My favorite is “Town After Town”.

Jill Pike

5/5 Stars

Absolutely love this album! Sounds a little 60s/70s, a little country, and all original! Can’t wait to see what Malachi has in store next!

Valerie Mosby

Love It All

I got the cd last week and had a chance to give it a listen. The songwriting, music, vibe- love it all! It’s been in my car for cruising since I got it. Malachi is pro status. Congrats you guys!

Michelle Schwindler

Amazing Song

This is an amazing song and a great reminder of our freedoms. Love the heart, soul and story behind this. Keep it up, Malachi!

Melissa Rohlfs

Malachi Is The Absolute Best

He is one of the purest musicians, singer songwriters I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to see and hear an incredible show.

Chris Duncan

Thought-provoking, Expressive, and Deep

Malachi Jaggers is a natural talent. “An American Hero” evokes simpler times and reminds us what this great nation was founded upon. Heart-felt lyrics along with a powerful, instrumental accompaniments takes the listener back to when music stood for something greater than the fame.

Leslie Stetler


The song “Town After Town” really encouraged me during a transition period in my family’s life. Malachi’s gentle and honest approach to life is so comforting and uplifting.

Jonathan Anderstrom

His Huge Talent Shows

This album is way better than I expected!The production is fabulous and Malachi has a fabulous vocal range. The songs are amazing and his huge talent shows!

Nigel Mortimer

I Loved The Whole CD

I loved the whole CD ‘Fearless’ but if I had to choose one that spoke to me it would be ‘Good Ol’ Days’. I miss the Good Ol’ Days, the last couple of years after losing my dad, and some other trials that caused grief on top of grief. I felt the words. And this song brought comfort, I’m thankful for the Good Ol’ Days. I have always appreciated the heart behind Malachi’s music.

Kenlyn Cadwallader

The Crowd Loved It

Malachi performed at my husband’s 60th birthday party and the crowd loved it! He’s an amazing musician and engages his audience with such fantastic talent and connection. Malachi enhanced our party tremendously, and we are so grateful!

Kimberley Knochel

Amazing And Fun

Played for a neighborhood Block Party. It was amazing and fun. Did a great job of interacting with kids, playing requests and was on-time! Played 2.5 hours straight.

Dan Perdun

You’ll Be Hooked

Malachi played for my private party in August. My guests were wowed by his performance. He is one of the most engaging, talented performers I’ve ever seen. My guest happily tapped their toes, danced and sang along with all of his covers, and was awed by his originals. If I could, I’d have him here every month. Treat yourselves…go see him at one of his gigs…you’ll be hooked!

One Of A Kind

Malachi Jaggers is a one of a kind musician. He went above and beyond to create an entertaining and interactive performance for our guests. He is an incredible singer and songwriter that we will be inviting back to our venue.

Ava Faith Turner

Another Wonderful Performance

This was our 2nd time booking Malachi. Was another great event. The music and his voice are incredible. All the guests had nothing but great things to say about Malachi. Thanks again for making our event so much fun!

Mike Gillespie

Love the Jaggers

Love the Jaggers !!

Connie McCarthy

More Than A Singer

Malachi is more than a singer. He is an entertainer, a writer, a composer, and super talented in all areas. He has a gentle heart and a strong work ethic with a way to draw you in to his music and words. Once you hear him you are hooked on him.

Linda Baldwin

Cover Songs

  1. Small Town
  2. Cherry Bomb
  3. Harvest Moon
  4. Heart Of Gold 
  5. Wild Horses 
  6. Chicken Fried
  7. The Weight
  8. Eight Days A Week
  9. Get Back
  10. All My Lovin’
  11. Back In The USSR
  12. The Last Time
  13. Don’t Stop 
  14. You Can’t Always Get What You Want 
  15. Sister Golden Hair 
  16. Wonderwall
  17. Wish You Were Here
  18. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  19. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  20. House Of The Rising Sun
  21. Nights In White Satin 
  22. Tuesday Afternoon 
  23. If You Could Read My Mind
  24. Pretty Woman 
  25. Mary Janes Last Dance
  26. Hey Jude 
  27. A Day In A Life 
  28. Pride And Joy 
  29. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away 
  30. Proud Mary
  31. 3Am
  32. The Power Of Love 
  33. Can’t You See 
  34. When You Say Nothing At All
  35. Baby I Love your Way 
  36. Rocky Raccoon 
  37. Into The Mystic 
  38. Fishin’ In The Dark
  39. Long Train Runnin’
  40. Witcha Lineman 
  41. Blue Suede Shoes 
  42. I Ran 
  43. In The Air Tonight 
  44. Seminole Wind
  45. Hey Good Lookin’
  46. For What It’s Worth 
  47. Day After Day 
  48. Learning To Fly – Tom Petty
  49. Mustang Sally 
  50. Folsom Prison Blues 
  51. Jeans On 
  52. Amie 
  53. Don’t Stop Believin’
  54. Wildflowers
  55. Homeward Bound
  56. When The Stars Go Blue 
  57. Someday 
  58. I’m A Believer 
  59. Sweet Caroline 
  60. Fields Of Gold 
  61. Let It Be 
  62. Handle With Care 
  63. Wagon Wheel 
  64. Ring Them Bells 
  65. Lodi 
  66. Down By The Water 
  67. Horse With No Name 
  68. Blackbird 
  69. Drift Away 
  70. Starting Over 
  71. Freebird 
  72. Ramblin’ Man 
  73. My Maria 
  74. Brown Eyed Girl 
  75. Wonderful Tonight
  76. Wave On Wave 
  77. God Bless The U.S.A.
  78. Runnin’ Down A Dream
  79. Margaritaville
  80. Learning To Fly – Pink Floyd
  81. Yesterday 
  82. Everyday 
  83. Peggy Sue 
  84. I Can’t Get No Satisfaction 
  85. Make It With You
  86. Up On The Roof 
  87. I Cross My Heart 
  88. Happy Together 
  89. Let Your Love Flow 
  90. Be Bop A Lula
  91. Gimme Three Steps 
  92. Sweet Home Alabama 
  93. Maybe Baby 
  94. Tired Of Waiting 
  95. Stand By Me 
  96. Love Potion No 9 
  97. Baby It’s You
  98. Fearless 
  99. Ring Of Fire 
  100. Runaway 
  101. Summertime Blues
  102. Simple Man 
  103. World Without Love 
  104. Another Brick In The Wall
  105. Bye Bye Love 
  106. Doctor My Eyes 
  107. Lay Down Sally 
  108. Wild Thing 
  109. When A Man Loves A Woman 
  110. This Magic Moment
  111. Fire And Rain
  112. Who’ll Stop The Rain 
  113. I’ve Just Seen A Face 
  114. Norwegian Wood 
  115. Tell Me What You See
  116. Rain 
  117. I Won’t Back Down 
  118. Time In A Bottle
  119. Bad Bad Leroy Brown 
  120. New Horizons 
  121. Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  122. I Got A Name 
  123. Free Fallin’
  124. The Long And Winding Road
  125. Old Man 
  126. Sunshine (Go Away Today) 
  127. Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay
  128. Peaceful Easy Feeling
  129. Wild World
  130. Spirit In The Sky
  131. Photograph

Original Songs

  1. Livin’ A Dream 
  2. The Show
  3. Look At It Go 
  4. Good Ol’ Days
  5. Carefree
  6. An American Hero 
  7. Ride This Train
  8. My Sunflower 
  9. Airboat Ridin’ 
  10. Wilma Jean 
  11. Farewell
  12. What Are You Waiting For?
  13. Too Soon
  14. Paradise 
  15. Town After Town 
  16. In The Country 
  17. Ghost Town 
  18. Little Less Sunshine 
  19. Finally 
  20. Under the Blue 
  21. While You’re In Cleveland
  22. You Can’t Go Back
  23. December
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